Here it is: The best drivers prepare... they learn as much as they can before they go to the track. Okay, that doesn't sound like a super-trick strategy, does it? You're right, it's not. So why don't more drivers do this? Because it takes a little time and effort. That is, until now. See, Speed Secrets Online Training was developed to make preparing easy, making every second behind the wheel, on track, better - learning more, driving faster, having more fun. And that's a good investment.
The Secret? Shhhhh....

Or Go Big...

Gain a deeper understanding of everything you need to make the most of every lap around the track, from car control skills to driving the ideal cornering line, and from your use of the controls to vehicle dynamics.
While this course is the perfect place for inexperienced drivers to begin, experienced drivers also rave about how much it reinforces, refreshes, and clarifies what they already knew.
At just $79,  Performance Driving 101 equips you with the tools, knowledge, and know-how for when you get behind the wheel - lowering your cost per time spent learning.
We all know that performance driving is a huge mental challenge, but most drivers know little about how to deliberately improve their mental performance. Until now, that is, as this course provides a foundation, then goes on to give you specific, hands-on tools to help you drive faster, more consistently, make fewer errors, and enjoy your driving even more.
The information and tools you’ll learn in this eCourse are typically only available through one of Ross's seminars or 1-on-1 coaching, at a cost ranging from $500.00 to thousands of dollarsTake advantage of this new way of improving your driving performance at a fraction of the cost - at just $149 (think how much you'll have left over to buy tires!).
Combining Performance Driving 101 and Inner Speed Secrets 201, the physical and mental techniques, saves even more money. Get the Go Fast Bundle and take your driving to a whole new level.
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Performance & race driving is expensive! Want in on the real secret to getting the most out of every dollar you spend? It's what the elite-level pros do, and what you can do, now.


When I first looked at these courses, my first thought was, "How can something online teach me to drive better?" I also worried that it wouldn't be worth the cost. Was I ever wrong about both those concerns! These courses taught me more than I ever could have imagined, and I felt way better prepared when I got on track. I laugh about being worried about the cost - especially when I compare it to what I spend every weekend I go to the track.
- Kelly Brown 
Frequently Asked Questions
How does an eCourse work? Do I need to be somewhere when it’s on?
No, that’s the beauty of an eCourse – once you sign up for it, it’s yours to use forever, at anytime, and anywhere you have an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer. And because it’s a series of units and modules, you can go through it at your own pace, learning in bite-sized chunks. 
What does the eCourse cost?
For unlimited lifetime access to the course, the one-time fee is $79 for Performance Driving 101, and $149 for Inner Speed Secrets 201 (or $197 for the Go Fast Bundle). Compare that to the cost of a set of tires - the knowledge that you’ll gain from this course never wears out or needs to be replaced (again and again!). One of Ross's seminars would cost three or four times that amount, and even more than that if he were to coach you one-on-one.
Does it make more sense to wait until it’s closer to my race/driving season before I take the course?
Does it make sense to wait until the night before the first race or track day to prepare your car? :) Seriously, the tools shared in the eCourse are things that are best used over a period of time leading up to the days you’re at the track. Right now (or yesterday) is the perfect time to begin preparing for the season. It’s just like training to run a marathon – you wouldn’t begin just the week before.
Once I complete this eCourse, will I have everything I need?
That’s a loaded question, but the simple answer is no. As with any learning, there’s always more! But you’ll have the foundation that you’ll use for the rest of your life - and that’s a pretty big deal!
How do I know the information in the eCourses is legit?
The learning methods, the mental game concepts and tools, and the driving techniques and skills in the eCourses have been developed based on scientific research by the leaders in neuroscience, psychology, and advanced learning/educational theory, as well the experience and knowledge of motorsport experts.


How can an online course help me drive better on a track?
For sure, learning driving skills and techniques really happens behind the wheel. But this course gives you the tools to make every second on the track more productive – you will learn more in less time. It’ll help you drive better when you do get on the track – simple as that.
Who is the course for – beginners, experienced drivers, racers?
Anyone who uses his or her brain when driving! In other words, everyone. The content is not specific to any one type of motorsport, or any level. If you’re reading this, it’s for you. There isn't a driver (or rider, for you two-wheeled types) who won't benefit from it.
Is the eCourse mostly theoretical?
As little as possible of the course is theoretical – just enough for you to understand why the practical tools provided work, and how. The main purpose for the course is to give you tactics that you can use on your own to help you perform better. And these are not just theory. They work if you use them.
How long will it take me to go through the eCourse?
That depends on how you approach it, but you can work through the content in anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours - all at one time, or in multiple short sessions. That’s up to you. However, you'll likely find reasons to go back and review certain parts of it, use the tools again and again, and use the program to motivate you.
Can I share my eCourse with someone else?
Your purchase provides you with one course, so you can’t really share it with others. If you want others to share in the learning experience – which is highly recommended, since there’s nothing like a “training buddy” – then encourage them to sign up for their own course.
Is the content in the eCourses the same as in Ross's Speed Secrets books?
Some of it is, but for most people, hearing and seeing it is easier to understand that just reading about it. After writing his Speed Secrets books, and with today's technology, an eCourse was a natural extension of Ross's passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with you.
"I have been using and implementing the same techniques presented in this eCourse since Ross taught them to me back when I was eleven years old in a 4-day-long seminar. But now, Ross has found a way to teach the same things in a 2-hour online course! I am really impressed with how much information there is here, and how focused on improving your driving performance and lap time it is, instead of just filling you up with "mental / mind" information that doesn't relate directly to going faster. If you take this eCourse and implement it, I am confident you will go faster on the track.

Colin Braun
Sports Car & NASCAR Driver

"Be smarter! Drive better! Go faster! Sounds like a lot to deliver, but Ross will do it, and you will actually enjoy the process. I’ve been using and teaching Ross’s tips for the mental aspects of the driving skill for years, and let me tell you: this stuff works. Inner Speed Secrets 201 is a fun, interactive way to gain an understanding of the mental game of driving and how to tap into the most powerful tool a driver has: the one inside the helmet."

Ingrid Steffensen
Author of Fast Girl: Don't Brake Until You See the Face of God and Other Good Advice from the Racetrack and HPDE Instructor

What People Are Saying
Don't let the heavy cost of performance driving hold you back from learning, improving, and having fun.
 * The Performance Model
 * How to learn tracks faster
 * Exercises to improve your ability to sense the limit
 * Triggers for maintaining & regaining focus
 * Visualization training
 * How to process information more quickly
 * Improve your dynamic vision skills
 * Build confidence
With Inner Speed Secrets 201, you'll get into the zone more often, improving your overall driving performance.
Meet Your Online Coach

Ross Bentley

Ross Bentley is a driver coach, author, and speaker. He has spent the past 40 years studying performance and race driving, initially in order to race at the highest levels of the sport himself. 
Ross has not only written eight performance driving books under the Speed Secrets name, but has coached and trained drivers all over the world. He has worked with top engineers, studied the mental game of driving, and raced in almost every type of car. His performance driving instruction is sought after by organizations all over the world. 
Ross's Inner Speed Secrets program has been used successfully for two decades by thousands of drivers, from beginner enthusiasts to experienced pro racers. He has not just studied the various disciplines that make up the Inner Speed Secrets program, but he's lived it and tested it over and over again - with drivers he’s trained, and in his own driving. Ross does not have a series of letters behind his name - he is not a psychologist - but he has devoted the past two decades to studying the field himself. What he does have after his name is a list of races and championships that he’s won as a driver coach, as well as a long list of drivers who swear by his coaching and training. In other words, he can relate to you in a way that no one without his experience can.


"As an HPDE classroom instructor, I see a lot of students who look like deer caught in the headlights at their first events. This course from Ross can not only prepare them for what they need to put into practice, but would also lower their anxiety, helping them to have more fun."
- Brian Ghidinelli,
"I've read almost every book written about performance driving. And I've taken almost every driving course (Bondurant, Skip Barber, ProFormance) but this is the best explanation and instruction I've experienced. Ross has managed to use state-of-the-art technology to make a course that is interactive and utilizes animation to explain performance driving. The emphasis stays on having fun, while creating smooth and skillful drivers. This is what the sport has needed! This should be a prerequisite for everyone who intends to drive their car on a race track."
- David Lightfoot, BMW CCA Puget Sound Region
“The eCourse was full of useful, insightful information that really encapsulates what a beginner to our sport should know before buying a helmet and heading out to the track. It’s a great way to put everything in perspective of the key take-aways, and the important things to focus on before setting a wheel on track. It's an indispensable way of cutting through a lot of noise too many beginners in our sport muddle through on their first few days at an HPDE event, especially at schools where classroom may not be a strong or integral part of the curriculum.”
Rich de Asis, Niagara Region PCA
 6 to 7 unique modules
 Exclusive Speed Secrets video content in every unit
 Illustrations, graphics, and downloadable resources
 Reinforcing questions to solidify what you've learned
 100% self-paced & mobile-friendly
 Lifetime access once you enroll
 Workbook to track progress 
 Downloadable resources
 Group discussions and Q&A with Ross Bentley
 * Advanced vision techniques
 * Upshifting & downshifting, including heel & toe
 * Managing your car's weight to maximize speed
 * Controlling understeer & oversteer
 * How to identify & drive the perfect apex of a corner
 * Prioritizing the corners on a track
 * When & how to use trail braking
* Using the throttle to balance your car
Performance Driving 101 will prepare you to make the most of every second behind the wheel on the track.
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Speed Secrets eCourses can be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can use them at home, the office, or at the track.
Speed Secrets eCourses are set up in bite-sized chunks, so you can spend as much or little time as you want. Do one module now, another tomorrow; do them all at one time; review them now and later.
Speed Secrets eCourses present information in multiple ways, speeding up the learning process - preparing you to learn more every second you're on the track.