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You love the sport of performance driving and racing. You sometimes feel as though you were just meant to do this. Or, this is all a little bit new to you, and you’re not quite sure what you’ve gotten yourself into.
One of the things you enjoy the most about track driving or racing – or will learn to enjoy the most – is the never-ending challenge of learning more. Yeah, it’s addictive! In your constant quest to improve, you’re looking for an edge, for that extra piece of knowledge, that additional tool that’ll make you faster, smoother, more consistent, safer, and perform better each time you’re on the track. You know that little extra is in you – you just need something to help draw it out.
My Speed Secrets eCourses will do that. They’ll provide you with the foundation that you can build on for years to come, and take you as far as you want to go, from the basic techniques of performance driving to the mental game that separates the best from the rest. My passion is helping drivers like you perform better each and every time you’re on track, and I know my eCourses will help you with that.
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Your Coach

Ross Bentley

Ross Bentley

“For me, there’s nothing better than seeing someone like you make an improvement in your driving…except for when you not only improve, but also understand why.

My approach to helping you improve is all-inclusive. Not only do I focus on the physical skills and technique of driving, but also on the mental game of driving. After all, it’s your brain that’s driving your car.

“From the basics of how to use your steering wheel, brake, and gas pedals, to the psychology of performance and race driving; from identifying and driving the ideal line, to how to tune your car’s handling; from fine-tuning your car control skills, to that all-consuming question, ‘How do I go faster?’ I love helping drivers perform better.

“There’s always more. Whether you’re just starting out in the sport, or you’ve been in it for a long time, there’s always more to learn. There’s always more you can do to improve your driving. That’s why this sport is so challenging, so consuming, and so fun!

“I want to help you become an even better driver. If you want to learn and improve, click on the Shop page, and sign up for one of my eCourses. Then, get ready to have fun while learning!”

The Benefits of eLearning

eCourses are the perfect way for you to learn, prepare, and ultimately perform better behind the wheel. Why?

  • The learning environment is just right for you – there’s no stress and anxiety.
  • You take in and learn the content in bite-sized chunks, rather than having it dumped on you all at one time.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • Learning can happen anywhere, anytime, on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Content is delivered to you in multiple formats – video, text, graphics, questions, and games – resulting in better comprehension.
  • There’s no better balance between delivery of quality content, time, and cost.

Ultimately, you want to be prepared for what happens behind the wheel. Developing the skills to drive fast on a track does not happen in a classroom, reading a book, or anywhere else. It happens behind the wheel. But using an eCourse will prepare you to learn more in less time than through any other method.