Performance Driving 101


Whether you’re just beginning your high performance driving adventure, or have been track driving for years, the Performance Driving 101 eCourse has you covered. If you’re relatively new to high performance track driving, a solid foundation of knowledge will set the stage for learning and progressing in a fun, safe and fast way. And if you’re more experienced, a refresher will help you refine your driving, taking it to the next level.



Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Length: 6 Units

About This Course:

High performance driving is a learned skill, and it begins here. Sure, we all want the super-trick advanced stuff, but here's the real secret: The advanced stuff is just doing the basics better. Make the basics - and therefore the advanced stuff - your default when driving on the track. In this eCourse - an online, accessible training tool taught by Ross Bentley - learn everything you'll need to be the very best high performance driver possible. On your own schedule, make everything from driving the ideal cornering line to managing oversteer and understeer something you instinctually do on track - making you a faster, more consistent, and safer track driver.

After you complete this course, you will:

‣ Understand how to drive your car at its limits, managing its weight transfer to control understeer & oversteer.
‣ Know how to determine and drive the ideal line through a corner.
‣ Have a deep understanding of vehicle dynamics, and how that will benefit you on track.
‣ Time your gear changes - upshifting & downshifting - at just the right time.
‣ Develop "high performance vision" - knowing where to look & how to use your peripheral vision.
‣ Put this knowledge together to be prepared to learn more in less time when you get on the track, and ultimately, to drive your car faster and more safely.